I. Introduction 
CheckFree [logo] The #1 Way to Pay Online
Screen Text:
  Fiserv is the company that powers payment for hundreds of companies on the
  Web. With millions of customers across the nation, we're the largest online 
  bill paying service in the country.
But more on that later, let's meet Scout…
  The Web's Most Reliable Bill Retriever
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  So, maybe now you're curious. Exactly what can Scout do? Just watch.
  He's Good as Gold
Screen Text:
  Scout is not any ordinary retriever.
He can fetch your online bills and bring them right to you safe and sound.
  He's Obedient
Screen Text:
  Just give Scout the command to go out and get your bills and he will gladly 
  do it.
  He's Loyal
Screen Text:
And how. Your bills will be delivered to you safely, accurately and fast!
Scout is ready, willing and there when you need him.
Okay, Scout, we've got work to do!
 II. Sign In 
  Let's Sign In, Scout
Screen Text:
  Let's get started.
First, enter your Sign-in ID and password… Signing in is as easy as 1,2,3.
Next, click on 'Sign-in' and, just like that, ...you are ready to view and 
  pay your bills!
 III. Retrieve Bills
  Retrieve Bills
Screen Text:
  Now that you have signed in and are ready to view and pay bills, let Scout do 
  the leg work.
He lives for this kind of action.
Scout will bring you a complete list of online bills powered by MyCheckFree --
  utilities, credit card companies, retail stores, mortgage companies and other 
Next, you'll be asked to select the bills you would like to receive and pay 
Then you'll be given step-by-step instructions on how to set up each company 
  for online payments.
You thought online bill paying was hard, right?
Scout does the leg work, all you have to do is “Click to Pay”.
Right, Scout!?…
 IV. View and Pay Bills
  View and Pay Bills
Screen Text:
  Personal e-bill Pay Center
Now that Scout has retrieved your bills, let's see what they look like.
Notice that most of your information is already there.
To see your bill, you just click view.
When you're ready to take the next step and pay your bills, just check the 
  box next to the bills you want to pay.
Then, click "Pay All Selected" to prepare your payments.
You'll see the 'Pay e-bill' window; just fill in the payment information – 
  exactly the way you want it – including…
How much.
When to pay.
And from which account you wish to pay.
Simple, right Scout?
When you're done, we'll deliver your payments, quickly, safely and securely, 
  to the companies you are paying.
It all happens for you when you click to pay with CheckFree.
 V. Check Status
  Payment Activity
Screen Text:
  What if you can't remember how much you paid the phone company last month?
What if you think you paid a bill but are not absolutely certain?
Just a little walk in the park, right Scout?
The Payment Activity window on your browser will give you up-to-the-minute 
  status reports on all your bills, past or present!
All you have to do is pick the dates or names of the accounts that you want 
  to look over. You can even sort by biller name, bill amount, payment date, payment 
  account or payment status.
  It's a snap!
You always know who has been paid and when, how much they've been paid and 
  who needs to be paid next. We'll keep a 6 month record of your payment activity. 
  And remember, you can always print a paper copy of any bill or payment.
VI. Goodbye!
Screen Text:
  Thanks for spending a few minutes with MyCheckFree and Scout, the Bill
We hope we've shown you a few new things about the ease and convenience of 
  online bill paying.
When you're ready to start receiving and paying your bills online, count on 
And remember, Scout's ready to serve you with loyal and personal attention. 

Atta boy, Scout!
Stay, Scout! Stay! We've got some work to do for other folks. See you 
Questions? Check out the FAQ tab on CheckFree.com.