El Paso Electric and MyCheckFree offer you the convenience of viewing and paying bills online. Welcome to e-bill.
About E-bill
E-bills are electronic versions of the paper bills you typically receive in your mailbox at home. With e-bills, you switch to viewing and paying bills online.

About MyCheckFree - One of the nation's leading financial websites.
El Paso Electric has partnered with MyCheckFree to offer you this secure and convenient option. You'll get e-mail reminders from MyCheckFree each time you have a new bill to pay and the service is 100% guaranteed. Let's Get Started.
WHY USE E-bills
  • Convenience
    Save time by viewing and paying e-bills online. No more writing checks or buying stamps.
  • Control
    e-bills have the same details as paper bills and you control how much you pay and when. You'll also get e-mail alerts and bill due reminders.
  • Organization
    Reduce clutter and quickly find the bills you need - they're stored online.
  • Secure
    Stop shredding old paper bills. Reduce personal information in your mail box - and your risk of identity theft.
  • Green
    Say goodbye to paper bills and be a part of something big. Like helping the environment.
  • Guarantee
    View and pay your bills with confidence. Your payments are guaranteed to be processed safely and on schedule.

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