ID and Password Assistance

To find out your sign-in ID or to reset your password:

Step 1 Provide your e-mail address.
Type the e-mail address where you receive messages about your bill payment service and click Continue.
Note: This e-mail address is often your sign-in ID.
Step 2 Answer your secret question.
Answer the question so that we can confirm your identity in the CheckFree Payment Network. After you have answered the question, click Continue.
Step 3 Check your e-mail account.
Check your e-mail account and open our message. Click the link in the message to go to a page where you can see your sign-in ID or create a new password. For security reasons, the link in the message is only available for 30 minutes.
Note: If you don't see the message in your e-mail Inbox, check your spam folder. If you don't see a message after 30 minutes, repeat this process to generate a new message containing a new link.
Step 4 Write down your sign-in ID or create a new password.
Below where your existing sign-in ID appears, you can click the link to sign in using your existing password. You can also create and confirm a new password to use with your existing sign-in ID. After you create a new password, click Continue.
Note: You may be asked to provide more information for security reasons.
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